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baking in quarantine

It's not bread!

While everyone on social media seems like they are discovering the awesome power of sourdough, I've been busy looking for new Scandinavian recipes to add to my collection. A Danish cake, Drømmekage (dream cake) kept pulling my attention as it would for anyone who loves coconut! This cake has a chewy coconut-caramel topping that just looks amazing. That said, I'm not really a cake person; I'd take cookies and pastries over cake any day.

And then there were the sad looking bananas, nearly black with ripeness, that had been silently begging me to use them. Since quarantine started, we've already played with at least 5 different banana bread variations. I was certainly in the mood for something else. Fortunately, I had just organized and purged my four binders of recipe clippings containing years of ripped out magazine pages, photocopied cookbooks, and printed recipes. Flipping through my sweetbreads and cake binder, a streusel coffeecake caught my eye. It must be that I'm attracted to texture. But again this was not a recipe that would use those bananas.

Flipping back and forth between the pages of Drømmekage and coffee cake I decided to make it a threeway fusion. Adding the bananas to the coffeecake would add flavor and moisture, and the coconut caramel from the Drømmekage would make for a stunning topping and perfectly complement the banana flavor. And guess what? It was amazing!

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